Langhe Arneis DOC Vintage 2023

Tasting Notes

An important white wine from an autochthonous vine with white grapes. Straw yellow in colour, brilliant with a fruity and floral bouquet.
Well structured, harmonic and fresh to taste.

The grapes are grown in the borough of Neive in a south-facing vineyard.

Basic Information

Product Name: Langhe Arneis DOC
Cépage: arneis
Langhe Arneis
Neive – Piedmont
Alcool percentage: 13%
Sugar rate:
0,14 g/l
Number of bottles produced:

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Technical Details


Method: soft pressing of whole grapes at 0,6 bar. The fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks, begins with the selected yeast inoculation and lasts about 20 days at regulated temperature 16 °C. The new wine is then trasferred into another steel tanks where it remains for 2 months with frequent battonage. For preserve the Wine’s fresh and young characteristics don’t start malolactic fermentation, late is bottled.
Temperature: 16 °C
Lenght: 20 days
Malolactic: no
ging: 2 months on fine lees at 12 °C with batonnage
Wood type: stainless steel tanks with temperature control
Minimum aging in bottle: 1 months


% of Grape / Cépage: arneis 100%
Soil: calcareus marl
Exposure: South
Agricultural method: Conventional
Year of plantation: 2012
Type of harvest: manual in cases
Geolocation: 44°42’28 N 8°05’29 E


Empty bottle weight: 575 g
Aging potential: 3 years
Cork size: 24×44
Cork material: micro agglomerated cork
Bottle type: Albeisa Traditional
Number of bottles per box: 6-12
Box size: 6 bot. 26x18x31 – 12 bott 26x32x34

Chemical Analysis

Dry extract: 18,04 g/l
Total acidity: 4,91 g/l (tartaric acid equivalent)
Volatile acidity: 0,60 g/l (acetic acid equivalent)
Total SO2: 75 mg/l
Free SO2: 30 mg/l

Recycling & Sustainability

Bottle Glass Collection

Cap Dedicated recycling collection

Capsule Aluminium collection