Moscato d'Asti DOCG Vintage 2022

Tasting Notes

The dessert wine par excellence.  Straw yellow in colour at times quite dark, a quiet, delicate flavour, pleasantly sweet and fresh with moderate acidity.

Aromatic, floral and fruity notes that recall the freshly-gathered grapes.

Grown in the borough of Treiso in a west-facing vineyard.

Basic Information

Product Name: Moscato d’Asti DOCG
Cépage: moscato
Appellation: Moscato d’Asti
Classificaton: DOCG
Color: white
Type: effervescent
Country/Region: Treiso – Piedmont
Alcool percentage: 5,5%
Sugar rate: 113,9 g/l
Number of bottles produced: 2000

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Technical Details


Method: soft pressing of whole grapes at 0.6 bar. The clarified must after a flotation and filtration process is stored in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of -3 °C. Fermentation can start even months after the harvest, the must is moved to steel autoclaves, selected yeast is inoculated and the temperature is increased up to 20 °C, reaching 5 / 5.5% alcohol and about 2 bar of pressure the wine is refrigerated and used bottled through a sterile filtration process at 0.45 microns.
Temperature: 20 °C controlled
Lenght: 12/15 days
Aging: in stainless steel tank
Minimum aging in bottle: 1 month


% of Grape / Cépage: yellow moscato 100%
Soil: calcareus marl with sand
Exposure: west
Agricultural method: conventional
Year of plantation: 2008
Type of harvest: manual in cases
Geolocation: 44°42’15°N 8°05’06° E


Empty bottle weight: 575 g
Aging potential: 2 anni
Cork size: 26×45
Cork material: micro agglomerated cork
Bottle type: Albeisa Traditional
Number of bottles per box: 6-12
Box size:
6 bot. 26x18x31 – 12 bott 26x32x34

Chemical Analysis

Dry extract: 19,05 g/l
Total acidity: 6,23 g/l (tartaric acid equivalent)
Volatile acidity: 0,25 g/l (acetic acid equivalent)
Total SO2: 116 mg/l
Free SO2: 30 mg/l

Recycling & Sustainability

Bottle Glass Collection

Cap Dedicated recycling collection

Capsule Aluminium collection